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SG906 BEAST PRO Drone – Budget Drone with a Camera Gimbal – Review

For the price of this quadcopter you get plenty. Anyone looking for their first low cost drone should consider this one. The specs of this quadcopter are absolutely insane!

Price for this drone is the sale price of when shared and posted at the Techgadgeteer site: Regular Price: US $295.22 (53% OFF) Now for ONLY $139.99 Shop Now: ZLRC Beast SG906 5G Wifi GPS FPV Drone with 4K Camera

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Video Credits go to the Captain. Go check him and subscribe to his channel, we did. Captain Drone

The battery life is said to be 23 minutes in perfect conditions. In real Conditions one would expect no more than 20 minutes or so. The actual range of the drone is about 600m. Probably looking at 300m due to the Wifi tranmission. The maximum height allowed to fly in the USA is 400 feet being just over 120m. This drone can go up to 200m, your okay. 😉

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